Assessment of a holistic wellness program for persons with spinal cord injury

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Assessment of a holistic wellness program for persons with spinal cord injury
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Journal Article
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American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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2003, vol. 82, issue 12, pp 957-968
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Study examined the effectiveness of a comprehensive and integrated wellness program for adults with spinal cord injury (SCI). Forty-three adults with SCI were randomly assigned to either intervention or control groups. The intervention consisted of six 4-hour workshops over a 3-month period, focusing on physical activity, nutrition, lifestyle management, and prevention of secondary conditions. Outcomes were measures using standardized physical and psychosocial measures. Control subjects participated in the same before and after assessments but received no intervention. Comparison of within-group results showed that the intervention group reported fewer and less severe secondary conditions by the end of the study. Significant improvements were also found in health-related self-efficacy and health behaviors. Although no significant differences were found between groups, analysis suggested participation in the wellness program may be associated with improved health behaviors.
Zemper, Eric D.; Tate, Denise G.; Roller, Sunny; Forchheimer, Martin; Chiodo, Anthony; Nelson, Virginia S.; Scelza, William
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