Competitive employment: Has it become the "first choice" yet?

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Competitive employment: Has it become the "first choice" yet?
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Journal Article
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Journal of Disability Policy Studies
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2003, vol. 14, issue 3, pp 163-173
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Article discusses the underlying core values critical to programs that effectively promote competitive employment through the use of supported employment for individuals with disabilities. Authors describe 10 quality indicators that can be used to assess supported employment programs: (1) meaningful competitive employment in integrated work setting; (2) informed choice, control, and satisfaction; (3) level and nature of supports; (4) employment of individuals with significant disabilities; (5) amount of hours worked weekly; (6) number of persons from program working regularly; (7) well-coordinated job retention system; (8) employment outcome monitoring and tracking system. (9) integration and community participation; and (10) employer satisfaction.
Wehman, Paul; Revell, W. Grant; Brooke, Valerie
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