Successful work supports for persons with SCI: Focus on job retention

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Successful work supports for persons with SCI: Focus on job retention
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Journal Article
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Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation
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2004, vol. 21, issue 1, pp 19-26
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Article identifies barriers to work for people with spinal cord injury (SCI) and describes how they can be overcome using supported employment. Supported employment uses a vocational rehabilitation profession, known as an employment specialist or job coach, to assist people with disabilities with finding and maintaining employment. A case study illustrates how one man with SCI returned to work using a supported employment approach. Six strategies that employment specialists can use to promote job retention are described: (1) promote choice and identify jobs worth keeping, (2) ensure employer needs are understood and met, (3) provide or facilitate supports, (4) provide long-term support, (5) address off-the-job support needs, and (6) support career growth.
Targett, Pamela S.; Wehman, Paul H.; McKinley, William O.; Young, Cynthia L.
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