Effect of exercise training on pulmonary function in children with thermal injury

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Effect of exercise training on pulmonary function in children with thermal injury
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Journal Article
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Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation
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2002, vol. 23, issue 4, pp 288-293
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Study examined the effects of an exercise program on pulmonary function in severely burned children. Twenty healthy, nonburn children were enrolled in the study as the control group. Thirty-one severely burned children were randomly assigned to two groups: one participated in a 12-week in-hospital physical rehabilitation and exercise training program and the other participated in a home-based physical rehabilitation program without exercise. Pulmonary function tests were performed for all groups at baseline, but only the burn survivors were tested after 12 weeks of either exercise or no exercise. At baseline, pulmonary function was decreased in the burned children compared to the control group. Results indicated an increase in pulmonary function in the exercise group that was not observed in the no-exercise group. This document is included in the NCDDR Guide to Resources Produced by NIDRR Grantees: Infants, Children, and Youth with Disabilities as B.5.
Suman, O. E.; Mlcak, R. P.; Herndon, D. N.
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