Use of a pneumatonometer in burn scar assessment (the 1996 clinical research award)

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Use of a pneumatonometer in burn scar assessment (the 1996 clinical research award)
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Journal Article
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Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation
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1996, vol. 17, issue 1, pp
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Study examining the use of an ocular pneumatonometer (a device used by ophthalmologists to measure internal eye pressure) for the objective measurement of burn scar pliability. Pliability of normal skin and scars at various body sites was measured with an ocular pneumatonometer, and the results were compared with scores obtained visually using the Vancouver Scar Assessment scale. A correlations was found between tonometry measurements and Vancouver pliability scores for individual sites, but there was no correlation between average results for site types. The authors attribute the latter result to the fact that they were comparing an integer scale (Vancouver pliability) and a continuous scale (tonometery). They believe that tonometry generally correlates to visual assessment, with the advantages of objectivity. The authors recommend development of clinical techniques, and changes in tonometer design to make the devices more appropriate for use on skin.
Spann, K.; Mileski, W. J.; Atiles, L.; Purdue, G.; Hunt, J.
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