Evaluation of a consumer-personal assistant training project

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Evaluation of a consumer-personal assistant training project
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Journal Article
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Disability and Rehabilitation
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2007, vol. 29, issue 5, pp 403-410
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Study evaluated a training program aimed at improving the relationship between consumers and personal assistants (PAs) and increasing consumer and personal assistant knowledge on health and wellness issues. Participants were assigned either to a treatment group that received 6 hours of personal assistance services (PAS) training or to a control group that received no training. Consumers and PAs were assessed at baseline and at 3 and 6 months after baseline. Those who participated in the PAS training program had increased knowledge at both follow-up evaluations compared to those in the control group. There were no differences in consumer/PA relationship variables.
Schopp, Laura H.; Clark, Mary J.; Hagglund, Kristofer J.; Mokelke, Emily K.; Stout, Brian J.; Mazurek, Micah O.
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