Telehealth and neuropsychological assessment: New opportunities for psychologists

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Telehealth and neuropsychological assessment: New opportunities for psychologists
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Journal Article
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Professional Psychology Research and Practice
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2000, vol. 31, issue 2, pp 179-183
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Article discusses the costs and benefits associated with the application of telehealth technology in neuropsychological assessment. Ninety-eight adults with cognitive disabilities participated in the study. Forty-nine were interviewed by the psychologist using video teleconferencing and 49 were interviewed in person. Results yielded no differences in client ratings of interpersonal factors. Patients seen by videoconferencing were more like to want to repeat their experience that were those seen in person. Neuropsychologists using telehealth were less satisfied than were their patients, suggesting that the primary barrier to implementing telehealth programs is the health care providers. Telehealth costs were found to be significantly lower than in-person costs. This document is included in NCDDR's Guide to Traumatic Brain Injury Resources Produced by NIDRR Grantees, number C.45.
Schopp, L.; Johnstone, B.; Merrell, D.
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