Personality and functional outcome following traumatic brain injury

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Personality and functional outcome following traumatic brain injury
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Journal Article
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Rehabilitation Psychology
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2006, vol. 51, issue 3, pp 257-264
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Study examined the relationship between pre- to post-injury personality changes in relation to functional outcomes following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Estimates of pre-injury personality function were obtained from patient and significant other ratings using the NEO Personality Inventory-Revised within 1 to 2 months after injury and compared with ratings of post-injury personality function. Results showed that personality function was normal regardless of rating source and stable over time. Neuroticism, and specifically depression, accounted for small proportions of variance in functional outcome. The findings support a distinction between personality change and behavior change following TBI.
Rush, B. Malec, J. Brown, A. Moessner, A.
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