Low-impact wheelchair propulsion: Achievable and acceptable

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Low-impact wheelchair propulsion: Achievable and acceptable
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Journal Article
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Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development
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2005, vol. 42, issue 3, pp 21-34
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A variable compliance hand-rim prototype (VCHP), designed to reduce impact and peak loading on the hand-rim during propulsion, was used to determine the optimal level of compliance at which impact loading is reduced and user acceptance is preserved. A compliant hand rim is one that is able to displace relative to the wheelchair wheel when impacted during propulsion. Seventeen manual wheelchair users propelled their wheelchairs using the VCHP set to each of 3 compliance levels through a mobility activity test course, as well as on a multi-grade treadmill. Measures of impact loading, push frequency, peak force, metabolic demand, and user acceptance were assessed. Results showed that as compliance was increase, user acceptance decreased. All subjects found the lowest level of compliance to be acceptable. No adverse biomechanical side effects to compliance were found.
Richter, W. Mark; Zxelson, Peter W.
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