Vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with spinal cord injury

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Vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with spinal cord injury
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Journal Article
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Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation
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2006, vol. 25, issue 1, pp 3-11
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Individuals with spinal cord injury were surveyed regarding the types of vocational services they had or were interested in receiving. Results from 445 eligible respondents between the ages of 18 and 64 years old are presented. Approximately 32 percent of respondents reported receiving at least 1 job-related service. The most frequently utilized services were vocational counseling about job opportunities or how to get a job (19.8 percent), followed by vocational assessment services (15.5 percent). Whites were more likely to receive services than non-Whites. The services that respondents were most interested in receiving included assistance with developing a new job skill (24.2 percent), assistance with finding a job (21.3 percent), and retirement planning (19.3 percent). No gender differences were found between individuals who did and did not receive services.
Meade, M.A.; Armstrong, A.; Barrett, K.; Ellenbogen, P.S.; Jackson, M.N.
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