Employment after spinal cord injury: transition and life adjustment

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Employment after spinal cord injury: transition and life adjustment
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Journal Article
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Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin
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1996, vol. 39, issue 4, pp
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This study set out to determine the validity of two competing hypotheses regarding employment adjustment and spinal cord injury (SCI) as follows: 1) are better adjusted people more likely to obtain employment or 2) does the experience of becoming employed enhance post-SCI adjustment. Subjects were 301 persons with SCI from an outpatient clinic at a large mid-western university hospital. They were initially mailed a Life Situation Questionnaire (LSQ, Crewe & Krause, 1991) and then 11 years later were mailed the same questionnaire. A total 142 participants returned usable materials from both questionnaires. Results showed a positive transition from unemployment to employment resulted in enhanced adjustment. Termination of employment appeared to correlate with declines in adjustment. The author concludes the results are more consistent with the hypotheses that becoming employed leads to better adjustment.
Krause, J. S.
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