Cost of traumatic spinal cord injury in a population-based registry

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Cost of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in a Population-Based Registry
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Journal Article
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Spinal Cord
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1996, vol. 34, issue 8, pp 470-480
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Study examining the cost of traumatic spinal cord injury in a population based cohort of 115 Coloradans identified by the Spinal Cord Injury Early Notification System in 1989. Comprehensive cost data were collected for the first two years of survival. Results indicate that nearly $22 million was spent during the first two years post injury for these SCI survivors. A total of $10.9 million (50%) was spent for care to the 27 persons with Frankel A, B, or C tetraplegia; $7.6 million (35%) was spent providing care for the 36 people with Frankel A, B, or C paraplegia; and the remaining $3.3 million (15%) was required for services provided to the 52 persons who had resolved to either Frankel D or E at acute care discharge. Of the $6.3 million that was spent after hospital discharge, $2.5 million (39%) is directly attributable to in-home care and another $2.0 million (32%) is directly attributable to secondary medical complications. The most expensive complications occurred in the neurological, skin, respiratory, and orthopedic body systems.
Johnson, R. L.; Brooks, C. A.; Whiteneck, G. G.
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