Supported employment and assistive technology for persons with spinal cord ijury: three illustrations of successful work supports

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Supported Employment and Assistive Technology for Persons with Spinal Cord Injury: Three Illustrations of Successful Work Supports
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Journal Article
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Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation
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1998, vol. 10, issue 2, pp 141-152.
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Article describing Project Access, a demonstration project aimed at providing workplace supports, including supported employment and assistive technology, to individuals with significant physical disabilities who have been unable to enter or reenter the competitive workforce. The description is built around three individual participants, and covers the creation of customer profiles and job search plans, job development using a job restructuring approach, and the worksite and job modifications made for each of the three individuals.
Inge, K. J.; Wehman, P.; Strobel, W.; Powell, D.; Todd, J.
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