Rehabilitation psychology practice, ethics and a changing health environment

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Rehabilitation psychology practice, ethics and a changing health environment
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Journal Article
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Rehabilitation Psychology
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1996, vol. 41, issue 1, pp
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This article has two main purposes: 1) examine the major ethical issues of health care reform, including those most pertinent to rehabilitation psychology; 2) consider the dangers and opportunities for rehabilitation psychologists in this changing environment. Traditional assumptions are challenged together with a discussion of the future needs of patients and providers. The following topics are discussed in detail: the 104th Congress, federalism, and the private sector; ethical concerns about managed care; changing the fundamental ethic of accountability: confronting the issues of rationing care; confidentiality, marketing and patient autonomy; psychology's reaction to health care reform and managed care; professional and political advocacy; clinical activities; research; training; conclusions and considerations for the future. The authors counsel that for psychologists to be effective in this rapidly changing environment they must make fundamental changes in practice, education, training, research focus and professional activities.
Hagglund, K.; Frank, R.
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