Development of a compact chin-operated force-sensing joystick

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Development of a compact chin-operated force-sensing joystick
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Journal Article
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Saudi Journal of Disability Rehabilitation
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2003, vol. 9, issue 4, pp 212-217
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Article describes the mechanical, electrical, and software design of a force-sensing, chin-operated joystick for control of electric-powered wheelchairs. A force-sensing joystick requires no range of motion, which allows for easier, more comfortable chin control. The mechanical design includes a base, force-sensing beam, covering case, and mounting bracket. The electrical design is comprised of 2 strain gage bridges, 2 instrumentation amplifiers, a control board, and a digital to analog converter. The results is an output curve that allows for proportional control, limits maximum speeds, and creates a dead zone that corresponds to no motion of the wheelchair. The software has been designed to determine the output characteristics.
Guo, Songfeng; Grindle, Garrett; Cooper, Rory A.
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