Issues in maintenance and repairs of wheelchairs: A pilot study

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Issues in maintenance and repairs of wheelchairs: A pilot study
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Journal Article
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Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development
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2005, vol. 42, issue 6, pp 853-862
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One hundred thirty people who used a wheelchair as their primary means of mobility completed a questionnaire about their wheelchairs, the maintenance and repair history, and their satisfaction levels. Results showed that 26 percent of the participants had completed a wheelchair repair in the past 6 months, 16 percent had completed general maintenance, and 27 percent had completed tire repairs. Neither wheelchair age nor number of hours of use affected the frequency of repairs or maintenance. Participants were generally satisfied with their wheelchairs.
Fitzgerald, Shirley G.; Collins, Diane M.; Cooper, Rory A.; Tolerico, Michelle; Kelleher, Annmarie; Hunt, Peter; Martin, Stephanie; Impink, Bradley; Cooper, Rosemarie
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