Outcomes of post-spinal cord injury marriages

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Outcomes of post-spinal cord injury marriages
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Journal Article
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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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1995, vol. 76, issue 2, pp 130-138
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Study comparing the divorce rate among persons who got married after spinal cord injury (SCI) with that of the non-SCI population of comparable age and gender and exploring the factors associated with increased likelihood of divorce. Subjects were 622 persons enrolled in the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center data set since 1973. These individuals were followed between 1 and 15 years (mean of 3.5 years) after their marriage. The status of each marriage was determined at the time of the most recent routine annual follow up examination. Overall, 126 divorces occurred whereas 74 were expected based on 2,190 person-years of follow up and age-sex specific annual divorce rates for the United States population. Men and remarried persons had divorce rates 2.07 and 1.80 times higher, respectively, than women and persons married for the first time. The divorce rate was lower among college graduates than among those with less education and it was lower among persons with lumbosacral injuries than among those with higher injury levels.
DeVivo, M. J.; Hawkins, L. N.; Richards, J. S.; Go, B. K.
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