Pittsburgh wheelchair and seating biomechanics research program

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Pittsburgh wheelchair and seating biomechanics research program
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Journal Article
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Journal of the Society of Biomechanisms Japan
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2003, vol. 27, issue 3, pp 144-157
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Article presents an overview of the wheelchair and seating biomechanics research program at the University of Pittsburgh. The program includes studies to prevent secondary conditions due to wheelchair and seating use, to reduce the incidence of accidental injuries, and to improve access to technologies that promote community participation. Projects involving wheelchair propulsion, transfer biomechanics, modeling and simulation, wheelchair driving accidents, wheelchair transportation, rider comfort and whole-body vibration exposure, head/neck operated interfaces, hand operated interfaces, soft-tissue analysis and wound prevention, exercise systems, wheelchair sports studies, and clinical applications are described.
Cooper, Rory A.; Boninger, Michael L.; Brienza, David M.; van Roosmalen, Linda; Koontz, Alicia M.; LoPresti, Edmund; Spaeth, Donald M.; Bertocci, Gina E.; Guo, Songfeng; Buning, Mary-Ellen; Schmeler, Mark; Geyer, Mary Jo; Fitzgerald, Shirley G.; Ding, Dan
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