Extending the SCIRehab Project – Five Year Follow-up

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Purpose of the study: Extend the collection of SCIRehab outcome data to five years post-injury and evaluate whether the associations found between the rehabilitation process and outcomes at one year post-injury still hold at five years post-injury, and/or whether new associations are identified. Relevance to the field: Open the “black box” of rehabilitation to identify which elements of the rehabilitation process are most strongly related to positive outcomes at 5 years post-injury. It is anticipated that the findings from extending SCIRehab outcomes data collection through Year 5 follow-up will inform strategies for improving the long-term outcomes of SCI rehabilitation. Hypotheses: The relationships between treatment and outcomes found at 1 year post-injury will be maintained at 5 years post-injury. Additional relationships between treatment and outcomes are likely to be identified at 5 years post-injury. Sample: The study will be limited to the 1,376 participants in the original SCIRehab investigation and therefore will also be limited to the centers participating in that project. Data Collection: Form II and a modified version of the original SCIRehab follow-up interview will be administered at 5 years post injury. Analyses: The analysis plan will follow that established in the original SCIRehab Project.