Individualized Planning for the First Year Following Acute Rehabilitation Project

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John D. Corrigan, PhD
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The Individualized Planning for the First Year Following Acute Rehabilitation Project is a multi-center research partnership among the Ohio Regional TBI Model System, the Institute for Clinical Outcomes Research in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the TBI Model Systems National Data and Statistical Center and the Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury System at Craig Hospital in Colorado. This project conducts a Practice Based Evidence (PBE) study of individual differences in demographic characteristics, pre-morbid status, injury-related conditions, and medical course that differentially predict the effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions on functional independence, participation, and subjective well-being up to one year following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Incorporating data collected for the NIH-funded PBE study, this project focuses on acute rehabilitation, and on the recovery processes occurring after discharge from rehabilitation. PBE methodology studies naturally occurring differences in treatment practices in order to identify individual differences in treatment effectiveness. It allows a large number of intervention-by-impairment interactions to be examined, while individual patient differences, including severity of TBI and medical complications, are controlled. Data is collected at 10 TBI rehabilitation programs in the United States and Canada: Ohio Regional TBI Model System, Carolinas TBI Model System, New York TBI Model System at Mt. Sinai, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Shepherd Center, Intermountain Medical Center, Rush University Medical Center, Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, Loma Linda University Rehabilitation Institute, and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. Research subjects are 2,315 consecutive, consenting patients admitted for rehabilitation of a moderate or severe TBI. Interviews occur at 3 and 6 months post-discharge and 1 year post-injury allowing for detailed characterization of change during the first year of recovery.