A Health and Wellness Intervention for Individuals with TBI

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Cynthia Braden, MA, CCC
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Individuals 18 years and older, at least one year post moderate to severe TBI with current functioning at the Rancho Los Amigos Level of Cognitive Functioning 6 or above.
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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of a specific, replicable community based treatment intervention that addresses health and wellness issues using goal setting and a problem solving approach, in a group format for individuals with TBI using a randomized wait-list control group design. Four hypotheses will be tested: 1.A standardized health and wellness intervention, in a group setting, will improve health promoting behaviors and health-related self-efficacy in individuals with TBI. 2.The intervention will improve functional outcomes - (reduced secondary symptoms, improved health-related QOL and greater community participation). 3.The intervention will improve the subjective outcomes of perceived wellness and satisfaction with life. 4.Improvements seen from the intervention will be maintained at least six months post-treatment. In addition to conducting the intervention trial, objectives include the preparation of two professional manuscripts (one on baseline characteristics, one on randomized trial results), a consumer manuscript and up to 6 presentations to professional and consumer groups. Prior to the implementation of the intervention, a pilot of 8 individuals will participate in a 12-week trial to refine the process and curriculum.