The Effect of Spinal Cord Injury on Labor Force Participation

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Modular (Joint)
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Lesley Hudson
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Target Population(s):
Adults with spinal cord injury
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The purpose of this study is to identify changes in labor force participation as a function of spinal cord injury (SCI). In order to accomplish this goal, we are collecting data on vocational status at injury and again at follow-up. Data on vocational status at injury is being collected retrospectively on participants up to 10 years post injury. The follow-up data collection coincides with the annual follow-ups at one year post injury, as well as every five years post injury. Therefore, the vocational data may be augmented by data collected during routine follow-ups. We are also collecting data during 2-4 anniversaries and 6-9 year anniversaries at selected sites. The data will be used to identify laborforce participation loss in terms of lost employment and income as a function of SCI.