A Practice-Based Evidence Study of Pressure Ulcer Prevention in SCI; also known as SCI SKIN (Spinal Cord Injury Study for Keeping Integument N-tact)

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Gerben DeJong, PhD
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The study population in the SCI SKIN study includes patients with traumatic (SCI) or non-traumatic spinal cord injury (Spinal cord diseases) admitted to either Washington Hospital Center or National Rehabilitation Hospital.
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The purpose of this project is to conduct a practice-based evidence (PBE) study that will enable health care professionals and consumers to more effectively prevent the onset of a pressure ulcer (PU) following spinal cord injury (SCI). We will take the Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) for Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Following SCI by evaluating its predictive validity, identifying best practices, and creating an actionable quality improvement (QI) plan that can materially reduce the incidence of PUs in acute care, rehabilitation, and in the community among individuals with SCI. By the end of the 5-year funding cycle our goal is to reduce by half the incidence of new pressure ulcers seen among our SCI consumers in acute and rehabilitation care at the Washington Hospital Center (WHC) and the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH). The study has 3 main objectives: 1. Create PBE for strategies and interventions that can prevent the onset of PUs in acute care and rehabilitation, and later in community settings. 2. Determine the predictive validity of Spinal Cord Medicine (SCM) Consortium’s 16 CPG recommendations on PU prevention using PBE research methods. 3. Use study findings to create and disseminate an actionable quality improvement (QI) plan for PU prevention aimed at health care providers and an analogous educational guide aimed at SCI consumers (see also our knowledge transfer (KT) plan). Implement a consumer education plan through the proposed SCI Navigator project.