Disparities in Access to and Outcomes of Rehabilitation Care for Medicare and Medicaid Beneficiaires with Spinal Cord Injury

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Anne Deutsch, PhD
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Rehabilitation researchers and health policy researchers; state public health department staff; clinicians and persons with SCI and their families/caregivers
Access to and delivery of high-quality health care is critical to the quality of life and independent living for persons with disabilities.1 Disparities in access to rehabilitation services following spinal cord injury due to gender, race/ethnicity and age have not been examined systematically with a nationally representative sample. The proposed research project will examine disparities in access to and outcomes of rehabilitation care among individuals with a new SCI (traumatic and non-traumatic) who receive health insurance under the Medicare and Medicaid programs. More specifically, the study aims are to: 1) examine variations in potential and realized access to high-quality rehabilitation care for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries with a new SCI by gender, race/ethnicity and age; 2) examine variations in rehabilitation outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries with a new SCI by gender and race/ethnicity; and 3) examine variations in 1-year incidence of rehospitalization and 1-year mortality among Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries with a new SCI by gender and race/ethnicity. The aims are organized to address access, short-term (i.e., discharge) outcomes and then longer-term (1-year) outcomes.