Development of Low-Cost Devices to Increase Delivery of Intensive Treadmill Training

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T. George Hornby, PhD
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Individuals with SCI and family members; rehabilitation engineers; rehabilitation researchers; physical therapists
Project proposes to develop and assess two low-cost, non-actuated devices to assist therapists in delivering intensive walking training to subjects with motor incomplete SCI, with the overarching goal to implement these devices at smaller rehabilitation centers to enhance the accessibility of intensive training to those individuals with the potential to recover functional locomotion. The specific aims of this project are as follows: •Aim 1: Development and assessment of non-actuated devices to assist leg swing and forward propulsion during step training in subjects with motor incomplete SCI. •Aim 2: Assessment of short (2a)- and long (2b)-term adaptations to step training using non-actuated limb swing or propulsive assistance during treadmill walking •Aim 3: Implementation of the non-actuated assistive devices in the clinical setting to enhance delivery of high intensity body weight supported treadmill training.