A Comparison of High vs. Low Tidal Volumes in Ventilator Weaning for Individuals with Sub-Acute Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries

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Daniel Lammertse MD, ,
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People admitted to the RMRSIS on ventilators and eligible to be weaned
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This prospective randomized, controlled study compares outcomes between individuals with sub-acute, ventilator-dependent tetraplegia using high (20 cc/kg) VT vs. low (10 cc/kg) VT during mechanical ventilator support. While the use of lower tidal volumes in the general pulmonary community is more common, we and others in the SCI rehabilitation community have used 20 cc/kg IBW tidal volumes or higher to manage and attempt to wean individuals with SCI on mechanical ventilation. This study will address the safety and efficacy of using higher VT in ventilator weaning.