Burn Injury Information for Clinicians

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The MSKTC encourages physicians, rehabilitation therapists, and other practitioners to draw on our resources as they support individuals with burn injuries and their families and caregivers. Our evidence-based factsheets are available for download, replication, and distribution at no charge. Our database provides citations of Model Systems research to help guide your professional practices. Systematic reviews conducted by the Model Systems offer summaries of research evidence related to burn injury topics. Learn more about individual Burn Injury Model Systems and their research activities here.


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Consumer-oriented factsheets created through a collaboration between the MSKTC and the Burn Injury Model Systems. Read More...

Systematic Reviews

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A systematic review is a formal, organized method for compiling, evaluating, and summarizing all of the published research evidence related to a specific medical or health topic. Read More...

Research Database

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View and search research articles published by the Burn Injury Model Systems. Read More...

Find Your Model System

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Find and learn more about the Burn Injury Model Systems Centers that are national leaders in burn research and patient care. Read More...